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Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Terminal Server Performance Optimization and Tuning

Este é um artigo do Brian Madden (o cara é o foda do citrix)
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Troubleshooting Slow Logons
Understanding the Terminal Server Logon Process
Step 1. Isolate the Problem
Step 2. Check the Roaming Profile
Step 3. Identify Anything that Runs when a User Logs On
Check the Logon Script
Check the Registry
Check the Startup Folders
Dealing with Programs that Run at Logon Time
Step 4. Identify Other Activities that Take Place at Logon Time
Step 5. Trace the Debug Logs from the User Logon Process

Getting more Users on your Server
Choosing your Software Versions
Windows Version
Citrix MetaFrame Version
Real-World Memory Estimation
How Memory Usage works in Terminal Server environments
Determining whether you have Enough Physical Memory
Identifying Memory Leaks
Page File Usage
Changing the way Windows uses the Page File
Making the Page File Faster
Page File Sizing
Processor Usage
Tracking Processor Usage
Minimizing the Processor Impact of Applications
Hyperthreading with Intel Xeon Processors
Disk Usage
Addressing Disk Usage Bottlenecks
Server Network Usage
Addressing Network Bottlenecks
Kernel Memory Usage
Understanding how the Kernel Uses Memory
Evaluating your Windows 2000 Terminal Server for Kernel Memory Usage Problems
Implementing Kernel Memory Usage Changes on Windows 2000
Evaluating your Windows 2003 Terminal Server for Kernel Memory Usage Problems
Understanding BOOT.INI Kernel Memory Usage Switches
Registry Usage

Troubleshooting Erratic Spikes, Pauses and Hangs
Step 1. Search the Web for your Problem
Step 2. Update Service Packs, Hotfixes, and Drivers
Step 3. Launch the Performance Monitor MMC Snap-In
Look for applications that are taking up 100% of the processor
Dealing with Overzealous Applications
Look for Periods when Everything Goes to Zero

Overall Sluggishness and Lack of Responsiveness
Understanding Factors that Affect Network Performance
Resolving Network Bandwidth Issues
Hardware Network Bandwidth Shapers
Removing Traffic
Squeezing ICA and RDP
Resolving Network Latency Issues
Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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