Free virtualization tools for tough economic times

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Free hypervisors:
VMware Server – Version 2.0 has lots of new features and can be installed on several versions of Windows, Linux and almost any hardware.

VMware ESXi
– The entry-level edition of VMware’s enterprise-class hypervisor; the
installable version installs bare metal on a variety of supported and
unsupported hardware.

VMware Player – A great tool for starting up virtual machines without installing a full hypervisor on your system.

Free appliances:
The VMware appliance marketplace has hundreds of free appliances that span a variety of categories. Appliances range from simple firewalls to enterprise monitoring systems to full-blown Web and database packages (LAMP). You can run these appliances with VMware Player or import them into ESX/Server/Workstation and run them there.

Free management and reporting tools:
Embotics v-Scout – A free, agentless tool for tracking and reporting on virtual machines in VMware VirtualCenter-enabled environments.

– This soon-to-be-released free search-based reporting tool is a great
addition to every administrator’s toolbox. Watch for its release around
the end of the year. If you are interested in participating in a beta
version of this tool, drop me an email. Not all beta requests will be approved and the company is looking for feedback if you do participate.

RVTools – A handy little tool that displays a multitude of information about your virtual machines.

Solarwinds VM Monitor – A free management tool that monitors ESX hosts and virtual machines.

Snaphunter and Snapalert
– Utilities that can report all running snapshots on ESX hosts,
including name, size and date. They can also automatically email
reports and optionally commit snapshots.

Visio Stencils – Some free Visio stencils from Veeam, VMGuru and the Visio Café to help you document your environment.

VMotion Info
– A free utility that gathers system and CPU information from your
hosts and puts it in a single overview to check for VMotion

VM ExplorerA management tool that eases management, backup and disaster recovery tasks in your VMware ESX Server environment.

MCS StorageView
– A utility that displays all of the logical partitions, operating
systems, capacity, free space and percent free of all virtual machines
on ESX 3.x or Virtual Center 2.x .

ESX HealthCheck – A script that collects configuration information and other data for ESX hosts and generates a report in HTML format.

Free administration tools:
Putty – A must-have utility for every administrator to remotely SSH into their ESX hosts.

Veeam FastSCP – A great SSH file transfer utility application.

WinSCP – Another speedy SSH file transfer utility application.

KS QuickConfig
– Designed to reduce the time needed to deploy and configure VMware ESX
servers as well as eliminate inconsistencies that can arise with manual

VP Snapper – A free utility that lets you revert to multiple VM snapshots at once rather than one-by-one.

VMware Converter – VMware’s free application that lets you perform physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-virtual operations.

– A handy utility that scans all virtual machines in your
infrastructure and shows if they have a CD connected to any of them.
After scanning you can disconnect all of the CDs with a click of a

CPU Identification Utility – VMware’s free utility that displays CPU features for VMotion compatibility, EVC and 64-bit VMware support.

VMTS Patch Manager – A great ESX host-patching application for those who don’t have Update Manager.

Free backup utilities:
– A free backup utility that runs from the Service Console and provides
VMDK-level backups of any VM in storage that is accessible by the host.

VM Backup Script – A backup script to perform hot backups of your virtual machines.

Free storage utilities:
Openfiler – A free, open
source, browser-based storage appliance that supports NFS and iSCSI. It
can be downloaded as an ISO file to install on a server or as a VMware
appliance to import to an ESX host. A great way to get more shared disk
in your environment by turning physical servers into network-attached
storage servers or turning the local disk on your ESX hosts into shared
disk when using the appliance.

Xtravirt Virtual SAN
– A free solution that turns local disk space on your ESX hosts into
shared VMFS volumes to avoid purchasing costly storage area network
disk space.

Free security tools:
Tripwire ConfigCheck
– A free utility that rapidly assesses the security of VMware ESX 3.0
and 3.5 hypervisor configurations compared to the VMware Infrastructure
3 Security Hardening guidelines.

Configuresoft Compliance Checker
– A free tool that provides a real-time compliance check that can
analyze multiple VMware ESX host servers at a time. Also provides
detailed compliance checks against both the VMware Hardening Guidelines
and the CIS benchmarks for ESX.


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