How to Patch ESXi 3.5 Update 2

August 13, 2008, 1:45 pm

At least this is how I did it…
Download the patch file here, then scp it over to your RCLI host. You have an RCLI instance somewhere right? If not there is an appliance you can download also from VMWare. Once the file is on the RCLI instance, you can use the vihostupdate command as follows:

vihostupdate --server ip_address_of_your_ESXi_host -i -b

And enter your admin user and password at the prompt. You won’t notice to much going on from your VI Client screen. After the vihostupdate command is done, you will notice a little “reboot needed” message in your VI Client. I set the time and date back to the correct date, re-enabled NTP then shutdown my VM’s, and rebooted the ESXi host. It was back up withing 3 minutes, all in all a pretty simple process.


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